Oil & Energy

AXEGAZ mission is to make natural gas accessible to all our customers, replacing gasoil, heavy fuel oil and other oil products.

We deliver LNG to wherever our customers happen to be. We offer a turnkey solution to our customers, who enjoy the benefits of LNG with no need to invest in infrastructure

Natural gas is the most economical energy source currently available in large quantities and the fuel with the best environmental performance.

LNG Bunkering

What we offer

AXEGAZ is a natural gas supplier specialised in LNG distribution by road tanker. We can deliver LNG to many locations in Western Europe by road in the short term and by barge in the medium term.

LNG as bunker fuel represent a unique alternative that combine the environmental performance Marine Gas Oil (and much better) with the economy advantages of Heavy Fuel Oil.

What we are looking for

Our LNG distribution by road tanker offers the possibility to bunker vessels with LNG as of now. No minimum consumption required to start benefiting from LNG as bunker fuel.

We are open to discussions with bunkering vessel operators to charter their NG-capable vessels in order to supply our larger customers.


  • Ships (including repairs and refits)
  • Shipyard installations and equipment
  • Ship fittings and equipment
  • Shipbrokers and charterers
  • Shipowners

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial alliance
  • Industrial alliance
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity



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